ZAGREB, OPOROVEČKI VINOGRADI, LUXURY VILLA Zagreb, Oporovečki Vinogradi, luxury villa Zagreb, Oporovečki Vinogradi, luxury villa Luxurious family villa completely renovated, built... Find More Sveti Križ Začretje SVETI KRIŽ ZAČRETJE, LUX HOUSE  SVETI KRIŽ ZAČRETJE, LUX  HOUSE The house is located in a small, quiet, picturesque village 3 km... Find More GOLJAK, 4 BEDROOM APARTMENT Goljak, 4 bedroom Apartment   Goljak, 4 bedroom apartment in an urban villa Goljak 4 bedroom apartment on... Find More Zagreb,  Draškovićeva, novoadaptirani stan Zagreb,  Draškovićeva, novoadaptirani stan Zagreb,  Draškovićeva, novoadaptirani stan. Zgrada koju je projektirao arhitekt Stijepan Planić 1938 godine. Stan... Find More ZAGREB, PANTOVČAK, VALE VOUKA Zagreb, Pantovčak, Vale Vouka Pantovčak, Vale Vouka. Apartment for sale on the 2nd floor in a new building... Find More ZAGREB, MEDVEDGRADSKA STREET, NEWLY ADAPTED Zagreb, Medvedgradska Street, newly adapted Zagreb, Medvedgradska Street, an exceptional location. Fully adapted and furnished apartment... Find More ZAGREB CENTER, BERISLAVIĆEVA, LUXURIOUS APARTMENT Zagreb center, Berislavićeva, luxurious apartment Zagreb center, Berislavićeva, luxury apartment for rent, fully furnished and equipped.... Find More ZAGREB, PETROVA, ATTRACTIVE APARTMENT Zagreb, Petrova, attractive apartment   Zagreb, Petrova, attractive apartment on an excellent location in a very high quality... Find More



Immo Kunst Company, Zagreb, Croatia. Company with long experience in selling and renting real estate. We specialize in luxury real estate in Zagreb and throughout Croatia. Contact us with confidence. Our law firm is in charge of all legal affairs to ensure maximum security when buying or selling.
We also offer energy certification services..



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